In some cases the instructions for a field generated with Advanced Custom Fields plugin can break the layout – especially if you using the width of the new ‚wrapper‘ field settings in ACF introduced with version 5.1.3. And sometimes too much space are wasted by long instructions.

Advanced Custom Fileds without tooltips

Wouldn’t it be better to hide the instructions and show them as a tooltip?

Yes, and with my new plugin called ACF-Tooltips this is now possible. The ACF-Tooltip plugin adds a help sign after the label of the field and if you hover the question mark the tooltip with the field instruction is shown.

Advanced Custom Fileds with tooltips

The screenshot shows how the tooltip looks like and you will notice that the „Description“ field has no tooltip because this field has no instruction set in the field definition.

There are 7 filters that allow adjusting the design and the behavior of the tooltips (see description on the plugins page).

The plugin works only with the ACF PRO (version 5.5.0 or newer).

You can grab the plugin from the WordPress plugins repository.

Get ACF Tooltip